Blue Gres
The Location


Blue Grès is located in the south-east part of Tinos, in Lagkades area, wisely set on a mild Panorama hill in Agios Fokas, enjoying sunset sea views towards the islands of Delos, Mykonos and Syros.
Invitingly close to the breathtaking Agios Fokas beach, it offers privacy as well as proximity to the island’s most beautiful sights.
The island of Tinos
Tinos is an island that stands out for its traditional architecture, arts and crafts, mesmerizing natural environment, creative gastronomy and quality local products. Its cultural heritage keeps inspiring, being creatively reinterpreted by artists and loyal island friends. From the island’s amazing dovecotes to the handmade stone walls, the picturesque village houses, the landmarks and ancient temples, Tinos has developed through the centuries its own way of imprinting beauty into life.

The picture-perfect village of Pyrgos with the Marble Crafts Museum; the beautiful villages of Volakas, Dyo Choria and Arnados, the unique Tinos Town with the wellknown Virgin Mary landmark; the Tinian Artists and the Textile Museum; the temple of Poseidon and the Cultural Foundation of Tinos featuring a permanent Giannoulis Chalepas exhibition, are some of the places that unlock the authentic island’s essence.

The island’s breathtaking beaches, like the sandy Agios Fokas, offer visitors connection with the world-known Cycladic spirit of sea-inspired joy and relaxation.

The church of Panagia Evangelistria, in Tinos

Kariani Village, Tinos

Pyrgos is probably the most famous village in Tinos

The village of Volax, in Tinos


Tinos island is offers a variety of inspiring outdoor activities, like bike tours, kayak trails, horseback riding, wind and kite surfing, diving.
The beautiful beaches, the calming golden fields and mild hilltops inspire a unique bond with the island. There are numerous schools and certified instructors that can guide beginners as well as experienced visitors.

Tinos’ cuisine is based on seasonal, great quality local ingredients.
Capers, artichokes and sun-dried tomatoes, combined with the delicious local cheeses like volaki, analati or petroma; and the island’s famous cold cuts; are used in the signature traditional plates that made the island’s gastronomy famous.

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